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In short, supporting independent creators & promoting diversity of content in comics.

As with independent cinema, comics like these are in competition with production-line stories that often promote a narrow viewpoint and are generally more focused on fast moving action & visual overload rather than their characters.

Your participation is a direct expression of your belief in the power of independent, progressive, creator-owned comics.


In addition to becoming a backer, another substantial way to help is tell people you know with an interest in comics about Ocular Anecdotes No.3

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Peter Cline

With a great eye for detail, Peter Cline’s playful observations inform a classically influenced yet contemporary, visually arresting aesthetic. A love of art & newsprint comics from the early 20th century & a knowledge of traditional drawing and printing techniques inform his graphic approach.

‘My storytelling is intentionally pared down, to focus on the subtleties of the narrative. I intend, through pacing and rhythm, that Ocular Anecdotes build together as an empathetic portrait of the characters involved.'

'As a graphic designer I am excited about the comics form & especially the possibilities of working to a large format. A well thought out & designed comics page can be a thing of beauty. The large format newsprint page size has also been chosen to reflect the amazing history of this medium & celebrate its early visionary vitality.'

‘Anyone who casts an eye over the abundance of colourful newsprint comics from the early twentieth century will find it hard to miss the effect that a large canvas had upon the pioneering artists of that time. If you are unfamiliar with this period, seek out artists such as George Herriman, Frank King, Otto Soglow, Winsor McCay, Garrett Price, Rea Irvin, Charles Forbell, Cliff Sterrett and many more that led the way.’

'I am keen about stories that people can relate to, and I would hope that my taste in a variety of comics reflect this. Currently, there is an abundance of established & emerging independent artists from all parts of the globe writing relatable but challenging stories. I am enthusiastic to be a part of this ever expanding, mesmeric, visual coup d'état…’


Otto Press

Initially set up to distribute the first issue of Ocular Anecdotes, Otto Press is steadily becoming recognised as a fresh independent stage that showcases innovative original creators, pushing boundaries within comics.

Each eye-catching & eloquent comics page, articulates a strong ethos of high production values, attention to design, editorial integrity, artistic freedom and books as artistic objects.