Peter Cline

London based artist & designer. 

With a great eye for detail, his playful observations inform a classically influenced yet contemporary, visually arresting aesthetic.  A love of art & newsprint comics from the early 20th century & a knowledge of traditional drawing and printing techniques inform his graphic approach.

Working on a range of commissions, his diverse skill set is instrumental to the projects he undertakes for a large number of well respected clients.  



+44 (0) 7727 611321

Design Studio

No.12 Carpenter Court
37 - 41 Pratt Street
London   NW1 0BJ




Editorial Artwork
and Graphic Design

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People of Print, KK Outlet, London 2015 
Cabinet of Curiosity, Gallery 33, Amsterdam 2014 
Rug Addicts, 
Dray Walk Gallery, London 2012
Foundation Rugs, Present, London 2012
Tandragee Man, Armagh Arts Centre, Ireland 2010
Aorta Alter Glory, Galleri ORO, Sweden 2007
Brand New Second Hand, Galleri ORO, Sweden 2006
Kill White Space - Doodledang, Dragon Bar Gallery London 2006 
3 Blind Men, 
Lovebox Festival, London 2006
Halloween - Doodledang, Bethnal Green, London 2005 
A Few Of My Favourite Fiends, 
Stolen Space Gallery, London 2005
Chess, Fold 7 Gallery, London 2005
Math No.2, Cide Gallery, London 2005
Math No.1, Art & Design Centre Gallery, Brighton 2005
Crew Show, Plan B Gallery, London 2005
Myth & Legends, Dragon Bar Gallery, London 2005
Ten, Mambo Gallery, London 2005
Finders Keepers 5, Plaça de les Olles, Barcelona 2004
Finders Keepers 4, Circle Line, London 2004
Finders Keepers 3, Dragon Bar Gallery, London 2004
Finders Keepers 2, Plough Yard, London 2003
Finders Keepers 1, Paul Street, London 2003


How to Make Comic Strips - The Modern Way, 2015 (Otto Press)
La Petite Sortie - None of This is Real, 2015 (Otto Press)
Ocular Anecdotes No.2, 2015 (Otto Press)
Ocular Anecdotes No.1 & a half, 2015 (Otto Press)
La Petite Sortie - How Many Does It Take, 2014 (Otto Press)
La Petite Sortie - You Couldn’t Make it Up, 2014 (Otto Press)
…and the Gatepost, 2013 (Otto Press)
Sausage, Egg, Beans & Chips, 2013 (Otto Press)
Ocular Anecdotes No.1, 2013 (Otto Press)
Decay, 2012 (Otto Press)
Exquisite Corpse, 2008 (Published with Dave Chimp)
This Is Our Time, 2006 (Published with Dave Chimp)
Doodledang Issue 7, 2006 (Published with Dave Chimp)
Hold On To Your Egos, 2005 (Published with Ekta)
Doodledang Issue 5, 2004 (Published with Dave Chimp)
TTP004, 2004  (Published with Tron)
TTP003, 2004 (Published with Tron)
TTP002, 2003 (Published with Tron)
TTP001, 2003 (Published with Tron)


Off Life No.10 (Off Life)
The Mammoth Book of Skulls (Robinson)
The Fall (Ultrarradio)
Steak Night 3: Jobs (RecordsRecordsRecords)
Outside the Lines, Doodle Book (Laurence King)
Street Renegades: New Underground Art (Laurence King)
Dave the Chimp: Part of Rebellion no.2 (Publilkat)
From Concrete to Canvas II (Laurence King)
The Art of Rebellion 2: World of Urban Art Activism (Publilkat)
Art of Rebellion: The World of Streetart (Gingko Press)
Math Magazine (Posikids)
Stencil Graffiti (Thames & Hudson)
Stick ‘Em Up (Booth Clibborn)